Important Factors When Choosing a Mobile Crane

Mobile cranes are one of the most versatile vehicles for your lifting needs since they can be used for almost any project. They are designed in such a way that that makes them easy to set up and transport from one job site to another. They are usually used to transport different types of loads over short distances. There are many different size, models and configurations of mobile cranes that are available in the market for purchase or hire. Before buying one, it is important to consider the following factors.

Weight of load

Mobile cranes are designed to handle different types of loads ranging from light to heavy ones. However, since they are available in different models and with different features, they are not manufactured homogenously to handle the same amount of weight. It is important to determine the maximum load that you will be lifting in order to get the best crane to handle this weight. Ideally, you should choose a crane which can lift heavier loads that those you have on your job site.

Land terrain

The terrain of the land on which you are undertaking your project is another important factor in determining the best mobile crane. Generally, mobile cranes are designed for areas that provide easy maneuverability. Assess the terrain of your land in order to get the best crane for your project. If your site is located on solid ground, you can hire a truck-mounted crane which is able to move easily on normal ground. For very soft grounds, you can consider a crawler-mounted mobile crane, while for versatile, off-road and rough terrain, all-terrain mobile cranes are ideal to maneuver easily.

Cost of mobile crane

The cost of a mobile crane will be determined by the decision to buy or hire it. For short-period projects, hiring a mobile crane would be more preferable and cost-effective. If you are a contractor that takes up projects that require lifting, you can consider purchasing instead of renting. It is also important to note that when hiring or purchasing a mobile crane, you will need skilled personnel to operate it. Having your own personnel will be cheaper compared to hiring one from the rental company. This also adds on to the total rental cost.

Height clearance

It is important to match the height of the mobile crane and any obstructions on site such as tree branches, ceilings, power lines and buildings prior to acquiring the crane. This will prevent any inconveniences after acquiring the mobile crane that could hinder smooth flow of work during the period of use of the crane.

When hiring a mobile crane, always remember to enquire about insurance of your items. This ensures that you are covered in case of any incidences that could result to damage of load during the listing process.