Why a Hydraulic Elevator May Be Better Than a Vacuum Elevator

You can choose from many types of elevators if you would like to install one in your factory. The most common are hydraulic elevators and vacuum elevators. Hydraulic elevators are the most common type. They require a pit and a machine room to house the elevator's operating mechanisms (such as its cables). Vacuum elevators use air pressure to move up or down a building. They do not need a machine room since they are self-standing. This article discusses why it may be better for you to install a hydraulic elevator at your factory.  

They Have a Manual Lowering System

You can never guarantee that you will always have power at your factory. This is because power from the national grid can be disrupted by weather phenomena such as floods. Backup systems can also fail (due to running out of fuel, for example). A power failure can be dangerous if a fully loaded elevator suddenly loses the power moving it. Hydraulic elevators have a manual lowering system that can enable the operator to get the elevator to the ground level slowly. This can be achieved by moving the manual lowering devices that are easy to operate. Vacuum elevators do not have this feature.

They Are Hidden

Hydraulic elevators are installed within a pit running through the wall of a facility. This allows the elevator and its contents to be hidden from prying eyes. This feature allows your staff to transport the inputs used at your factory at any time of the day (or night) without worrying that the cargo being ferried will be an eyesore to the visitors at the factory. Vacuum elevators do not provide the same degree of discreetness. They are installed on the side of the building and anyone can have a clear view of the people or goods that are being carried in the elevator.

They Are Very Quiet

A factory environment has many sources of noise. For instance, the moving parts of machinery may generate some noise. Materials handling equipment (such as lift trucks) also generate noise as they move. It therefore becomes very important to avoid adding to this noise. Hydraulic elevators are very quiet as they operate. This is because their operating system relies on fluid to exert pressure on the elevator cab, moving it up (or down) the building.

Contact an elevator installation company like Forte Lift Services for a more detailed discussion of the advantages above. Those professionals will be in position to give you information about other elevator types that you can consider for your factory.