Critical Steps for Enjoying Maintenance Benefits of Boom Lift Connectivity

The internet of things (IoT) continues to transform the way operators interact with boom lifts, thanks to the increased connectivity between clients and the service company. Today, the modern technician is equipped with the necessary technology to make smarter and more proactive boom lift service calls. For instance, since data on boom lift performance is nowadays uploaded onto the cloud, a service technician knows when a boom lift has issues. Therefore, a technician makes a service call even before a fleet manager knows there is an issue. However, you must take specific steps to enjoy the maintenance benefits of boom lift connectivity. Read on.   

Find the Right Boom Lift Partner

This is arguably the most critical step. Notably, the right partner means the right boom lift, which is equipped with the latest connectivity technology. Additionally, the right partner helps you to create a connected maintenance service program that meets your boom lift performance goals. Therefore, the right partner can be a boom lift manufacturer or a rental dealer who supplies boom lift on behalf of the manufacturer. The reason is that a manufacturer and the dealer understand the inner workings of the boom lift better than any other party. Therefore, the two always have firsthand knowledge of emerging connectivity technologies; hence, they can equip you with the latest boom lift monitoring devices.  

Monitor and Analyse

Once monitoring devices are installed in your boom lift, a service technician can begin monitoring the data. For example, information on boom lift operator performance, fuel consumption, tire performance, among other parameters, is collected and analysed by the on-board management system. With the right processes and algorithms, it is easy to collect information which a service technician can study for accurate diagnosis of the boom lift issue. For example, if the internal combustion system of a boom lift is overheating, the monitoring system sends a signal to the dealer who dispatches a service technician. Crucial data usually accompanies the signal, thus allowing a technician to mobilise suitable replacement parts. The capability ensures the maintenance of a boom lift fleet is proactive and accurate.   

Automate and Integrate

Once you have installed a boom lift, it is time to automate and integrate the entire system. The aim of integrating boom lift maintenance connectivity is to ensure every party involved with servicing the machine receives the boom lift performance data. It is especially the case if you use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) boom lift parts. Integration makes service alerts seamless, thereby ensuring your dealer and technicians know when you have a problem with the boom lift.