Upgrades for Your Rural Dog Fencing

Dog fencing is an inexpensive option to help protect not only your property but also your pets. When you first install the fencing, you may think that it is suitable for all your needs. The problem may be that over time, you find there are upgrades you need. If you are facing this issue, here are a few of the upgrades you may be interested in for your dog fencing

Electrical Fencing

Some homeowners may cringe at the thought of electrical fencing, but there are methods that prevent your animals from being hurt by it. These methods still allow the electrical fencing to protect your animals and property from wild animals in the area. The fencing is generally put around the outside border of your existing dog fencing. It may also be attached to the outer posts of the fence where your animals and children are free from harm. If wild animals approach the property, they will be shocked by the fencing. 

Trail Cameras

You may not think of trail cameras as a dog fencing upgrade, but there are several benefits to this system. The cameras can record and can send video captures to a home unit. You can monitor the fence line, check for intruders and check on any animals that are within the fencing. This can be ideal for fencing that is located away from the home on the back property of your land. It can also be ideal if you have seasonal predatory animals that may come near chicken coops or your dogs. 

Solar Lighting

Dog fencing has a distinguishing feature of posts between every panel to every three panels. These posts are meant to offer stability to the fencing panels. They can, however, serve another purpose. You can add solar lighting to each post. This will give an added level of lighted security at night. It will also give your animals additional light and a secure feeling during the nighttime hours and early morning hours. The solar lighting is available in lights that run off a central panel or lights that have built-in solar panels and are fitted to the post tops.

These upgrades are available through many fencing contractors. You may also find some upgrades available with easy, do-it-yourself installation options. If you have any questions about these or other upgrades that may help your dog fencing, contact your local fencing contractor. They can perform an on-site survey and discuss the options that will work best for your needs.