Two Way Radio Communication in Various Industries

Two way radios have been in use longer than most communication methods available today. Two way radios use radio signals to transmit sound at certain frequencies. The question of how far two way radios can transmit is best answered by the power of the radio. Two way radios requiring more voltage also transmit over greater distances. But, there are many factors limiting the distance over which two way radios can communicate. Obstacles, weather, other signals and even human bodies all limit the ranges of two way radios. Despite these limitations, the radios still prove effective in communication and have become a vital part of many industries.

Instant voice transmission and group communication advantages

Unlike mobile phones, two way radios transmit voice instantly. This is in comparison to mobile phone's signal searching process, dialing, ringing and finally picking up before you get to communicate. Two way radios are also the ancestors of teleconferencing. With a two way radio, everybody on the frequency or channel can transmit and receive at the same time. All their signals are transmitted simultaneously and received this way as well. These two features make two way radios very handy in certain industries.

Construction industry

Various people coordinating on a construction project can best utilize two way radios for effective communication. UHF radios would be the ideal radios for this scenario. This is because UHF signals penetrate concrete and narrow openings better. In a construction project, a contractor can be in touch with workers and other sub contractors on different floors easily. This can come in handy especially if the construction involves multiple storey buildings that are in the process of being constructed.

Security industry

Two way radios are most popular in the security industry. Most managers can communicate with all the security personnel in a building simultaneously. Security is always an urgent matter and, therefore, instantaneous communication is paramount. Security in all types of installations greatly benefit from two way radio communication. Amusement park security, event security, forest conservation security, airport security, warehouse and storage security, port security and even hospital security all use two way radios for their communication.

Personnel coordination and management

Large business installations can benefit greatly from two way radios. Imagine running a business located in a building the size of a mall. It would be very difficult to dash from one position to the other every time you are needed to communicate. It would also be more costly to use a phone to communicate. Even if you do, it would mean that all employees would need to be supplied with phones to communicate. Two way radios are a cheaper and effective way of reaching employees all over the business. Some managers even use two way radios to make advertisements. Personnel in warehouses, processing industries, and even storage facilities can also be coordinated better with this method.