Tips to Enhancing the Longevity of Your Timber Crates

No matter what industry you are in, timber crates are a convenient storage as well as shipping option. However, improper care and maintenance of these crates will cause them to deteriorate before their time. Once you have invested in timber crates, it is best to take measures to ensure they have a lengthy life span so as to avoid additional repair and replacement costs. Here are some tips to enhancing the longevity of your timber crates.

Keep your timber crates away from the weather elements

Timber crates are a popular option due to their sturdiness and durability. However, if left exposed to the changing weather elements for extensive periods of time, their structural integrity becomes compromised. This will eventually weaken them, and your goods will not be safe to transport or store in these crates. The best way of avoiding this is keeping them sheltered away from moisture and extreme temperature changes. A climate-controlled room would be a great way to ensure that they serve you for a significant period.

Only store clean goods in the timber crates

Granted, there are instances when you may not be able to avoid dirt getting into the timber crates, especially if you are using them to ship or store vegetables and other organic items. However, leaving the dirt in the crates for extensive lengths of time makes them susceptible to become a breeding ground for biological elements such as mould and mildew. To ensure that your crates are not susceptible to infestations from microorganisms, ensure that the items stored in them are cleaned before being boxed. You should also ensure that the crates are thoroughly cleaned before loading new items in them.

Have your timber crates stained as well as sealed

Staining and sealing your timber crates is a great way to make them aesthetically appealing as well as making them less susceptible to wear and tear. There are an array of benefits that come with opting for these treatments for your timber crates. For one, the staining and sealing makes it less likely for them to develop water damage before their time Secondly, the treatments will also work toward protecting your timber crates from rotting, hence enhancing their longevity. Lastly, staining also works toward maintaining the attractiveness of your crates as they are less likely to fade and discolour over time. It should be noted that before staining and sealing, you should also consider getting the timber crates pre-treated to deter any chances of pest infestations.