The Next Five Essential Tools to Upgrade Your Home Maintenance Capability

You have your basic set of tools and have tackled all the minor home repair projects successfully. However, now your confidence has grown and you feel ready to tackle some more involved home maintenance projects.

Of course, you will need to assemble a bigger arsenal of tools. This list of essentials will help you complete your larger projects quickly and easily.

Cordless Drill

This should be the first item on your list. An indispensable gadget for assembling shelves, hanging cabinets, putting together household fixtures of all sorts; the cordless drill is obligatory.

When deciding on which battery technology to choose, opt for a drill with a lithium iron driver. These drills are much lighter to carry around than those with nickel cadmium batteries.  Other bonus features:

  • it will hold its charge for long enough to complete the most extensive projects.
  • it will fit easily into those tight spots like the inside of drawers when screwing the sides.

For a relatively small outlay, you can purchase a lithium cordless drill as your number one go-to tool.

Oscillating Tool

You need a Jack-of-all-trades tool that can be used to do a wide range of home projects. Oscillating tools come with a range of interchangeable accessories for cutting wood, dry wall and metal, sanding in tight corners, scraping paint and removing grout.

The tools operate by producing small, fast vibrations to power the specialised accessories. They provide amazing versatility with an affordable outlay.

Brad Nail Gun

For tacking together your woodworking projects, furniture repairs and hanging panelling, the brad nail gun is your solution. It speeds up your projects with rapid nailing and inserts tiny, almost invisible nailheads. It cuts down on all the time you spend when using the gluing and clamping method to assemble a wood projects.

Cat's Paw

You will find that some of the most useful tools that you cannot do without , are not necessarily power tools.

The cat's paw is a combination between a nail-puller and a crowbar. This tool is extremely handy for prying trim and moulding away from walls, and all types of light demolition work. It can easily extract nails that are well buried in wood. It is lightweight but powerful.

Angle Square

A tool that certainly won't break the budget, the angle square or square layout tool is an essential. For accurate marking of lines on timber, for cutting guides for circular saws, and making correct angles for rafters or stairs.

Choose metal over a plastic model. They are similar in price but the metal will not be as susceptible to breakage.

You can quickly check out these tools online to compare the different brands and features. Make a start on assembling your tool kit upgrade right away.