The Benefits of Using Recycled Concrete in Your Next Construction Project

A lot of concrete waste is produced from the demolition of old buildings, destruction of structures by natural occurrences such as earthquakes, and removal of unwanted concrete from road pavements and buildings among other natural and human activities. Did you know that such waste could be of very great importance in your next construction project? During construction, recycled concrete can be used in place of gravel or as dry aggregate that's mixed with fresh concrete. For this reason, if you have decided to use recycled concrete for such applications in your construction project, here are a few ways you will benefit from it.


Construction projects can range from landscaping endeavours to home improvement projects. Regardless of your kind of construction project, recycled concrete can be used efficiently to achieve the perfect results.

Cost Effectiveness

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of recycled concrete. Recycled concrete will bring down your building costs in very many ways. First, buildings or structures that are constructed using cement usually require a lot of it (cement) for constructing the foundation as well as the building itself. For this reason, if you have concrete waste, you can reduce the amount of cement you use by having the concrete waste recycled and used in constructing the foundation for instance. This means that you will be saving a significant amount of money spent on cement alone.

Second, recycled concrete is not expensive to acquire. In fact, these materials are usually locally available and you may even be having concrete waste in your home such as in cases where you demolish your old structure of building in order to build a new one. The amount of money you save by using these cheap materials can be used on other things such as decorative finishes.

Last, if you are demolishing your old house to build a new one, the landfill space might be far away, which would translate to higher costs of transportation. The costs of disposing of the concrete waste can also be high, especially when dumping fees increase. All these costs will lead to increased overall costs of construction.

Strength and Durability

Despite the fact that recycled concrete is usually from materials that have been used before, its strength is not compromised and is as safe for use as natural aggregates or gravel. Since recycled concrete is usually cheaper, you can take advantage of the decreased expenses without having to sacrifice or worry about the strength and durability of the material.